Monday, October 15, 2007

more old pics

some of you have seen pictures from a previous work picnic that was pirate themed, this year the theme was "gods and goddesses of the three-mile nile" (three-mile creek runs behind the hospital where i work). i decided to make my costume this year, yes, with a sewing machine. it turned out pretty good, so here are a few pics from the picnic in may. it rained, so i didn't get many good pics.


me & my dad (he makes a good caesar)

some decorations

more posts

update: no, i still don't have any new pictures of the house, i have yet to unpack the charger for my camera. but the fence should be finished today or tomorrow, we are working on getting the computer room put together, and i'll definitely get some pics this

in the mean time, here are some older pics i took of flowers at my parents house. enjoy.

Friday, October 05, 2007

it's been awhile

with the move and football and a crazy life i just havne't had time to update lately. but i received a complaint. so to pacify for the moment until i can get some more pics taken and off my camera, here are some pics my dad ( ) took for his photography class.


jonathan, my brother
jonathan's girlfriend's nephew (brock)

kim, jonathan's girlfriend