Monday, November 09, 2009


just wow, not sure what else to say. a friend had linked this blog post on twitter "feeding the hungry" if that story is even remotely true (i haven't done any digging, but i don't have any reason to doubt it) then i am just blown away. how ridiculous is that?!? with so many people wanting this health care bill to pass, i just can't believe someone is pitching a fit over a church helping people out. no one is forced to help this church, i'm sure the church would love to accept help from those who WANT to give, but it certainly isn't mandatory. and that is over FOOD, not healthcare.


it sure has been slow around here, only because my life has been anything BUT slow. and with an already busy week ahead there is a tropical storm "bearing down" on us. i'm not particularly worried about it, but it will be a nuisance. i have two cakes to bake this week (i'll do my best to take pics so i have something to post) and i haven't gone grocery shopping yet. also, i still have a couple of stops to make this week preparing for a visitor this weekend (not of the V variety, luckily). had a pretty busy weekend this past weekend, did a bit of christmas shopping (just ornaments, i'm not that on the ball). had dinner with some friends and visited my grandmother yesterday. planning (hoping) to hit christmas jubliee this thursday or friday (when i'm off work, woo!)

ok, well this was about the most random post, but at least it was a post.