Monday, November 09, 2009


it sure has been slow around here, only because my life has been anything BUT slow. and with an already busy week ahead there is a tropical storm "bearing down" on us. i'm not particularly worried about it, but it will be a nuisance. i have two cakes to bake this week (i'll do my best to take pics so i have something to post) and i haven't gone grocery shopping yet. also, i still have a couple of stops to make this week preparing for a visitor this weekend (not of the V variety, luckily). had a pretty busy weekend this past weekend, did a bit of christmas shopping (just ornaments, i'm not that on the ball). had dinner with some friends and visited my grandmother yesterday. planning (hoping) to hit christmas jubliee this thursday or friday (when i'm off work, woo!)

ok, well this was about the most random post, but at least it was a post.


Kimber8116 said...

Is it just me, or was that storm kind of a bore?

Anyway, you have a photo on here of your stove, and on the stove there is a pot of red something-or-other...what is it? It looks kind of yummy.

amy =) said...

that would be good old campbell's tomato soup with red food coloring (it was for halloween themed dinner)