Sunday, August 30, 2009


this is a link to a blog i'm subscribed to, it is a news story from a dallas. it isn't easy to watch, i cried through almost all 10 minutes of it, but is a perfect example of God's love and why i do NOT agree with abortion.

Monday, August 03, 2009

busy weekend

this was the cake i made for my grandmother's birthday lunch. i forgot to take pictures during all the prep work, so this is the baked cake.

and this is the icing being made

and this is what this super yummy dessert looked like right before we cut into it!

this is my dad and the back of my grandmother and aunt.

this is my mom, her sister, and her mom

travis and my cousin's husband discussing politics

i had to cut short my visit with my family to go to a youth event that afternoon and then babysat for some friends of mine that evening so they could go hear the band her sister-in-law is in at a local restaurant. to finish out the weekend travis cut the grass sunday afternoon and monday morning i found 4 huge ant beds in the yard. those ants were busy last night, here are a couple of pics. good thing the exterminators called to set up our quarterly spraying today!