Sunday, April 27, 2008

as promised




"night photography"
another "blue" one i liked

more "night"
more "night"

Thursday, April 24, 2008


i've gotten into reading some good blogs lately, and the people who write them are very good writers and always seem to have something to write about. then i try to think of something to add to mine, so it doesn't completely fall to the wayside, and i always find myself at a loss. much like now.
sure, there are some things in my life that it might be cathartic to blog about, but i'm not entirely comfortable putting it out there, knowing some of the people who know that this is my blog. and there is definitely always something going on in my life, just not always interesting.
i'm taking a photography class right now that has "homework" assignments. this weeks subjects were: "night photography", "self-portrait", "blue", and "still-life". my dad and i went and did the night pics sunday evening, i think mine turned out pretty good (i'll post what i end up turning in). i've tried the past two nights to work on "self-portrait", but i have to say i'm not a big fan of having my picture taken. the lighting hasn't been good, so the color in the pics isn't very good. there a few, that with some cropping, i would probably like ok. but it is just so akward taking pictures of yourself. really, why would i want to do that? and have you ever tried to make yourself have a "real" smile? it isn't easy. then you have to look at the pics, and of course it's "my cheeks are fat, my eyes aren't even, i have a big nose, is that a double-chin?" how is this at all fun? my dad managed some pretty good ones of me back in the fall, look back in the archives, i think i posted them.