Monday, June 18, 2007

letting go

a friend sent this in an e-mail, it spoke to me:

If moving over 2000 square feet worth of belongings into a 1300 square foot apart any positive spin at all, I think I may have found it. At least I am willing to let go of a few things.

While trying to get the apartment ready and make it as comfortable for Nicola and the children as possible, I find myself willing to let go of some things. I've thrown out a few worn out blankets, old shoes, mix-match dishes and hopefully the children won't notice some missing stuffed animals and broken board games. The question that continues to come to my mind is "Why was I holding on to this?"

Now there are some things I am just not about to let go of. A photo of my son with a former president still has a place of honor. My wife will not be without her favorite blanket while watching reading and sipping tea. The girls will have their doll house in a prominent place. The balcony will be my temporary "art space" until our budget allows for a house again. The box full of Happy Meal toys? I don't think so. The old chair I bought at a yard sale three years ago and still haven't refinished? Can you say "donation"? It is simply a time that we must clear our lives of some of the junk we have allowed to stack up.

There are other areas of inventory that we should be looking into as well. Am I holding onto resentment toward someone that I should have let go of long ago. Am I holding onto habits that are not good for my physical, emotional or spiritual health? Maybe it is a good thing to have a move forced on you now and then. Maybe it shakes things up to the point that you see a few things you don't need anymore.

So if you aren't going through a physical move just now, you may be going through and emotional or spiritual move. Don't spend too much of your energy holding on to things you don't need. Consider letting them go.

Now, I need go decide what to do with a few other items....take care.

why is it so hard for us to let go of things? especially those of us lovingly referred to as "pack rats?" now, i do come by my tendecies honestly, both my grandmother and my dad are pack rats. but some of the things we keep, why? the reason i often give my self for keeping something is that it sentimental, it is from an event. so, obviously, to be able to remember the event i must keep junk stashed around my house. right? maybe a memento or two would be alright, but i feel the cleaning bug coming on. if i've got pictures of a trip, do i really need a brochure from EVERY place i visited in DC in 8th grade?!?! i don't think so. it won't be easy, but it can be a fun walk down memory lane and a chance to finally clean some stuff out.
and perhaps once there is some more space in my house, i'll have some time to stop and consider if there is anything in my spiritual inventory to get rid of too.

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