Monday, August 13, 2007

the great house hunt

so, there was one house we had really wanted in Pinehurst (off Airport), but when John (our Realtor) called to get some info so we could make in offer, they had just gotten a contract with some buyers. There was great lamenting ;) Travis was pretty upset, I recovered quickly.

Then, it took me a couple of days to put together another list of houses we wanted to see, I e-mailed him Friday afternoon and then called him Saturday morning b/c I hadn't heard from him. He was just getting to the office would check out my list and give us a call. When he called we ran out in the thousand degree heat and went to look at about 5 houses. Collectively the houses could be described as a pile of dog poop that someone had vomitted on. (nice image, right?) After the last house John said, let's get something to drink, go to the office pull up so new developments (we had told him that we would consider moving further out if none of those worked out) and then go check them out.

so, we went and checked out a several brand new houses in Franklin Estates. Once of the floor plans was similar to the house in Pinehurst, but wasn't split bedroom and it had a 2 car garage!! So, we made plans to take my parents back out there on Sunday and will be writing up a contract either today or tomorrow. Preparing to make an offer feels really good, I'm a tiny bit nervous, but mostly b/c I've never bought a house before. So, if everything works out I'll post the pictures.

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