Wednesday, August 13, 2008

i know, i know

hello, my name is amy, and i'm an on-line comic and blog addict.

now, that we've gotten past that, we can get down to business. i know i need to post some new pics, and i had actually had an idea for a new project since i was done with classes, but life got in the way. so, you may be saying "blog addict?!? yeah, right!" my response would be "reading, not writing =)" so, the point of this post. there is a blog i happened upon awhile back, "Whoa, Camel!" , that i found shortly after the writer was diagnosed with a particularly nasty form of leukemia called AML. so, i read about her treatments and her remission. her first recurrence, and remission again. unfortunately, she posted today that it appears to have come back for a second time. the survival rate is pretty low to begin with, but with a second recurrence, things don't look good. she is young, she has a husband, and even more sad, she has a little boy. one of the things that sparked my interest was when she posted about the elders from her church coming to lay hands on her and pray for her healing. i loved that she believed in God, i loved that she wasn't afraid to share this part of herself, i loved that her church was doing this for her.

the minister at my church left the end of june to go to wisconsin to start a new ministry (you can read about his journey here ). as an elder/spiritual leader (a seemingly unlikely title) in the church this has been a difficult time. when he first told the session (elders) that he was leaving, i punched him. yes, i assaulted my pastor. of course, he let me, and no, it didn't really make me feel better. i cried the whole way home. his wife was in our women's bible study and i felt like i still had a lot i could learn from him. but as a church we are trying to move forward, we have recently hired an interim minister, and i'm very excited about her coming. i think i can still learn from doug by reading his blog and thinking about what he has to say, and trying to push my fellow elders and our congregation to be more like Christ.

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