Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

Each year, over half a million dreams are shattered. Out of 3.3 million babies born alive, some 30,000 die during the first 28 days. Another 39,000 babies are stillborn. Miscarriage occurs in fifteen to twenty percent of pregnancies, while ectopic pregnancy occurs in one percent. This day effects so many people. I f you have never yourself lost a baby, surly you know someone who has.Today is the day to honor those babies, so I am asking you all to do that today, sometime, some way.
If you yourself have lost a child/ren allow me to honor your sweet baby today by leaving a comment and tell me a little something about your precious angel. I'll start. If you want to leave a message of support for those mommies and daddies that have lost precious babies do that in the comment section too.
~~I'll be praying for you today.~~

p.s. i reposted this/copied from sorry kate, i should have put this the first time


amy =) said...

we finally got pregnant after trying for almost two years. we went in at 6 weeks for an ultrasound and saw the beautiful heartbeat. we went back two weeks later and there was no heartbeat. we were devasted. we never knew the baby's sex, but i decided to name my baby. in my head and heart he is nehemiah, God has comforted. he was due in early september, we could also use prayers as we continue to wait for God to bless us with a child.

Kate said...

thanks for sharing your story. You are in my prayers.

Jaclyn said...

Hi...I found you through Katie's blog (when hello means goodbye). I also lost my baby at 8 to 9 weeks after 2 years of trying. I'm sorry for your loss!