Sunday, January 08, 2012


yesterday travis and i went geo-caching. if you don't know what that is, it is kind of like treasure hunting, with a gps device. i use this website and their app on my iphone. i was hoping to do this series of 8 caches that are located at the univ of south AL, but upon further investigation we hadn't allowed enough time to do them all. they are located in and around a extensive series of mountain bike trails on campus. we opted to leave the bikes at home (the tires need air again) and decided to walk it. we got to the location where the first one should be, but couldn't find it. we started hiking the first trail and realized it wasn't going to get us where we needed to go, so we back tracked to find another cache that was close by. it ended up being the last 7th cache that we found second. it was getting dark by then so we headed out of the woods and found a couple of more located on/near campus by car. we had a really great time and got a bit of excercise.
after that we went to zorba's and had some great greek food. ran by lowe's to grab something we needed and then went home and finally finished packing away the Christmas tree. slightly ashamed to admit that i still have to finish cleaning up the rest of the decorations, which will have to get done by thursday, since i have bible study at my house then.
i promise there is still an announcement coming, i haven't forgotten, just not quite yet.

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