Wednesday, July 26, 2006


so, i took my final last night.
wasn't too bad.
then the 4 of us that had studied together went out to
eat, drink, & celebrate!!!

so, now we wait and watch for grades to be posted. only 136 days left until gradution. i've got one more class (legal & ethical environment of business), which should be pretty interesting. so i've got until aug. 21 to play and work on some of my personal projects! it should be nice.

my grandmother's birthday is this weekend, but she was in the emergency room last night, and one of her sisters and nieces is coming to visit this weekend. my mom is mad at the doctor because he told the assisted living place to send my grandmother to the hospital, but didn't admit her. so my mom took her back to the assisted living place at 9 last night (which is about 45 min away). my mom wasn't upset by having to take her back, but why did he tell her to come to the emergency room, if he wasn't going to do anything?!? and now my mom is frustrated because she doesn't know what she should do about this weekend, we were all going to go out to eat, but now she isn't sure that is a good idea. but she doesn't know what to fix for 12-16 people to eat. and she doesn't "technically" know that our aunt and cousin are coming to town. she only knows because my grandmother actually remembered to tell her. she asked my uncle about it, but he wasn't really helpful. plus, this aunt has tried to give my mom a hard time about my grandmother being in an assisted living place anyway. but my mom is doing the best she can. of course, i told my mom she should just pretend she doesn't know about our aunt and cousin coming and we can go get mammaw and do something with her. then i said that was petty and mean. but it was how i felt.

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