Wednesday, July 19, 2006

the rolly polly

so, after having gone to study-group and talking to my friend/classmate cosmo, i've decided that dr. chang is only mostly soul-less. so, dr. chang is often wont to blah-blah about absolute nothingness at the beginning or end of class, heck, sometimes in the middle of class. when he begins his pointless ramblings, i usually just tune him out. yesterday he was blah-blahing about what he should do about a student who wanted to take an incomplete in the course, should he curve their grade and give them the same final the rest of us would take, blah-blah-blah. of course, we had no clue who (or what) he was talking about, someone said that if the other student had been attending class and participating, give them the curve and someone else said she didn't care if he gave them the same exam, we are after all graduate students. if someone is stupid enough to tell someone else what is on the exam, they are just hurting their own curved grade.

so, my friend cosmo had missed class last thursday and then arrived late yesterday, i didn't think too much of it, just wondered what was up. so after class i asked cosmo where he had been. he told me that last wednesday his brother (that lived with him) and died in his sleep. come to find out, cosmo's mom, step-dad, other brother, and one sister were all on a cruise in Greece, and his other sister lives in Louisiana, so he had to pretty much deal with everything on his own, including telling his grandparents. :(

i felt so awful for cosmo, i can't imagine the pain and heartache. so, you've probably guessed by now where this is going. that's right, dr. chang was talking about my friend cosmo at the beginning of class. when cosmo had first talked to dr. chang and asked to take an incomplete to have some time to grieve (and clean his house, he's been staying at his mom's b/c his brother's stuff is all around his house) before having to study and deal with taking a stupid economics final. so, dr. chang decided to be a total *bleeeeep* and told cosmo that if he took an incomplete that he would have to take an exam that no one has ever passed, and would not be included in the curve. ?!?!?!!?!?!?!? i was soooo ticked off last night, not that i've really liked dr. chang all semester anyway. fortunately though, dr. dickens, cosmo's professor for finance (which he was also taking this summer) is being totally cool and helpful and letting cosmo take an incomplete. so, cosmo came and study with sharon, Nancy, and me tonight and will study with us on Sunday and Monday too. Then we will have the exam on tuesday and none of us will have to look at dr. chang again.

p.s. when i was so ticked last night, i said dr. chang would come back in his next life as a mosquito, but after straightening some stuff out, it upgraded him to a rolly polly.

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