Friday, May 09, 2008


although most people would be hard pressed to find any blessings in having a grandmother who is a bit on the "confused" side, i have. i just talked to a woman at work who's father is senile, and this has caused him to be verbally abusive. apparently he was really awful to her this morning and she is upset, and understandably so. i don't know what he was like before, but since her mother died she has taken care of her, and now he cusses her out and says terrible things. and i know another lady who's father picks on her kids because of his dementia, he doesn't know when to stop and it upsets her kids. this, of course, breaks her heart. who wouldn't want their kids to love their grandparents?
i am fortunate in that my grandmother's confusion only causes her to forget things, ask the same questions again and again, and occasionally take a little trip back in time. she does every so often give my mom a guilt trip about not going to see her. my mom makes it up there at least every third week, but often every other week.

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