Thursday, May 08, 2008

...on my mind

there have been a lot of things on my mind lately. with travis having surgery last week, his well-being has been forefront on my mind. does he need more medicine, something to eat or drink, is he hurting? (which reminds me that i forgot to remind him to take his antibiotic this morning). and work has been a bit hectic too, so there is some more of my time taken. since i'm taking this photography class (that has assignments) i've had to also think about getting my pictures taken and printed. along with various friends who have stuff going on in their lives, i think about them too. or people i have talked to in awhile. then there is the household chores and finances that i'm responsible for, and taking care of the dogs. (whom i've come to appreciate more recently, even when they aren't behaving) and my friend with the (hopefully) budding romance, i wonder how it is going when they are "out." i think about my parents and brother, particularly when they have something specific going on. (glad your test went well! go get your license renewed) and i think about travis all the time aside from his surgery. how is his day going? is he busy? is his cube neighbor being annoying AGAIN? i think about God and do my best to pray daily, and also read my bible. i think about my church, and sometimes the pastor. i wonder sometimes if i miss opportunities to reach out to people. since i wasn't listening/watching, and missed the opportunity, will someone else tell them about God? i wonder if i'm doing enough to deepen my relationship with God, have i decided to trust him again yet?
wow, it is amazing that i can get anything done with all that running through my head.

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Jonathan said...

haha good post ya and I did get it renewed!