Tuesday, June 26, 2012

challenge day 2

Tell us about your blog. What do you blog about? Why do you blog? How did you start blogging? What kinds of things do you/are you willing to share with the world? Where do you find your topic inspiration?

my blog is a bit of a hodge podge of things.  mostly it is just about my life.  when i started it was parts venting and parts sharing.  when we got pregnant it was going to be a great place to write about that and to record the beginning of our family.  then we lost our baby, and it became a place to share that story.  now i'm sharing our adventure as we wait to adopt and other things going on in our busy lives.  my husband has suggested at times that i should do some product reviews, when i couldn't think of things to write about.  i haven't done that yet, but i've done some minimalist movie/tv show reviews since i'm basically addicted to netflix.  (after this challenge i'll have to catch up on what i've been watching since my last movie marathon).  i hope to share some recipes and craft ideas in the future and some of the projects we've been doing around the house.

i'm not entirely sure why i blog, there are certainly better bloggers than me out there (both in content and the ability to keep up with blogging), but i figure it is a good way for out of town friends and family to keep up (especially when we get our kiddo).  and much like the blogs i follow, maybe someone will get something out of something i write.

other than the long post about our pregnancy and loss, i don't guess i've gotten too deep/personal with any of my topics.  particularly if there were questions to answer i don't have a problem being somewhat open, at least to the point of sharing what i would share with someone face-to-face.  but on the other hand, this is the internet and i will protect as much as i can by not giving away information that is too identifying.

i guess my inspiration just comes from what is going on around me and in my life.  i just jotted down a list of topics for upcoming posts, so you can look forward to: netflix i've been watching recently, house projects we've had going on, a new game i'm pretty addicted to, some youtube channels you might be interested in subscribing to, and some great blogs to follow!

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