Friday, June 01, 2012

marching on

i know i haven't really updated recently, but there hasn't been a lot to say.  time and life keep marching on.  we've been fairly busy with different family events and some small projects around the house. as far as adoption, we're just waiting.  you'll definitely hear (and see) when something happens. we do know that a potential birth mom looked at our profile a couple of weeks ago, but we don't know anything specific about the situation like how far along she was, whether she chose us, or whether it was a boy or girl.  travis and my dad are planning to build our crib, so travis and i finally sat down to see what we could find in the way of plans last night.  we found several options, so hopefully they can get started on that soon.

we also celebrated my dad's 60th birthday with a couple of dinners out.  my brother and sister-in-law were in town also.  that same weekend travis had an "old fashioned" LAN party for the release of diablo III (video game) so we had a couple of friends staying at the house.  it was a busy, but fun weekend.

a month or so ago i had bought some new outdoor lighting for our house and we finally got it all installed this past weekend. we didn't do much to celebrate memorial day, mostly stayed in from the heat.  i went with my mom to visit my grandmother on saturday and did a little shopping with my mom on sunday.  other than church and moving the sprinkler around the lawn, because we are in such dire need of some rain, the weekend was spent relaxing.  i hit up several movies that are being removed from streaming on netflix this friday. "private" (was so awful i didn't get more than 30 minutes in before i turned it off) "art of war" (wesley snipes action film that was fairly good) "baby boom" (diane keaton plays a career driven woman in the 80's who's life takes a big turn when she receives an inheritance from a distant cousin, cute movie) "molly" (elizabeth shue plays a mentally retarded woman, slightly strange movie, but ok) "backdraft" (kurt russell, billy baldwin play firemen; action, suspense, and some family drama; pretty good) "lorenzo's oil" (susan sarandon and nick nolte play parents of a boy who develops ALD, a horrible and quickly crippling disease that leads to death.  their refusal to settle for current treatments and to wait out medical studies eventually leads a treatment. not my normal type of movie, but it was good) "a life less ordinary" (ewan mcgregor and cameron diaz - kinda weird, but not bad).  i've also been rewatching the first season of heroes so that i can watch the rest of the series.

travis had a special/secret event planned for me this weekend, been in the works for a few months.  i just found out that we are going to see the barenaked ladies at hard rock! i'm pretty excited.  i was really into them in college, and still enjoy their music.  when i got in my car after work there was a barenaked ladies cd playing, there wasn't even a barenaked ladies cd in my car this morning. isn't he sweet? =)  i finally popped it out to find it wasn't one of my cds, but a burned cd that he had written a note on and tickets on the bed when i got home!!

i've been back at running, though progress seems to be really slow.  the past month or so i've only been running two days a week and going to either body sculpt or yoga another day (for a total of 3 days working out).  i'll just keep plugging along and hope to make some progress with my running soon.

hope you enjoyed the update, maybe i can get some product reviews, more movie reviews, or some craft projects up soon.

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